The Nostradamus Project is a unique digital experience, a journey reserved to those who will be able to grab the Astral Key attached to their date of birth. One date, one Astral Key. Make it yours.

The Nostradamus Project is a unique digital experience aiming to unveil the secrets attached to each date of birth. This digital experience begins with the sale on Opensea of 14,610 NFT’s living on the Ethereum blockchain : the Astral Keys.

There will be one unique Astral Key for each date from January 1, 1970 to December 31, 2009. Each NFT is unique and is encrypted with the astral code of the day, month and year it refers to.

The secrets hidden on each NFT will be revealed and accessible only to Astral Key holders. Keep in mind, statistically about 270,000 other people share the very same date of birth with you…



After the Awakening will come the Revelation… The Gate to your Secret Almanac will open on September 25 2022 for each Astral Key holder.

The journey begins as soon as you come into possession of your Astral Key with the first level of decryption of your key. But this is just the beginning. As the owner of an Astral Key, the Secret Almanac will open for you on this very special New Moon of September 25, 2022 thanks to the 13-digit astral code encrypted in each key.


Each day holds a secret power.
Fated to ensure the initiation of a soul born on that day,
Hidden within the heart of the date,
A single code is the Key.